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What's On the Menu?
Picking the right service is important- look below for descriptions on the services I provide

An uninterrupted 50 minutes where you are heard, validated and challenged. We can meet as little or as often as you'd like. You are in charge of your healing, I just get the privilege of guiding and walking beside you as we move through it.


Group sessions are usually created around a similar topic of interest based on group members. Keep your eyes posted for information on upcoming group sessions!


Unsure how to handle a situation with your partner? Trying to heal wounds within the relationship? Struggling to communicate? Feeling like you've hit a rut or you're not sure you care for each other in the same way? These are just a few reasons some couples seek therapy. Whatever your reasons are, know that I will listen to each of you and work with you to help navigate these rough waters.

Yoga at Home

Trauma Conscious Yoga

Using intentional and gentle movements to move through stored emotions and experiences

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