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Supporting Sri Lanka 

Thank you so much for visiting this page. Below is a quick snapshot of what is happening in Sri Lanka, the ways you can help, and why it matters

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What is Happening: Due to decisions made by the current ruling political party in Sri Lanka and other geopolitical factors, locals are faced with shortages of food, fuel, gas, and medicine compounded by intense inflation. These rising prices and shortages have led to "the worst economic crisis since 1948" to have afflicted the country of Sri Lanka and its citizens. The living conditions of the local people are worsened by daily 17-hour long power cuts that have caused many businesses to close down. Currently, the country is protesting and demanding that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa step down. As a response to these protests, the President has instated a country-wide curfew and blocked access to Facebook, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms for 15 hours in his attempts to prevent further protests from being organized. 

Why it matters: In full transparency, this issue matters to me as I was born in Sri Lanka and my family still resides there. Aside from my personal relationship to the country, this represents an ongoing humanitarian crisis that is threatening the safety and livelihoods of Sri Lankans.  

When: Ongoing shortages of life-sustaining essential items since October 2021 and civil protests as of 04/04/22

How you can help: Donate to any of the following links below. Santhosa Therapy is also accepting cash donations via Venmo and Zelle. All donations made to Santhosa Therapy will be used to deliver groceries and money to locals in need. 

              Santhosa Therapy:


                                   Venmo: @santhosa_therapy (put "Support Sri Lanka" as the memo)

             Care Station:

            Other Relief Efforts:


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