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There may be a plethora of reasons as to why you’re seeking support, whatever it may be I recognize and honor the strength and courage it took for you to do so.

I work to cultivate unique experiences and relationships with each client I work with. While using a non-judgemental, safe space we can work together to unpack those feelings, experiences and thoughts that have been interfering with your ability to feel like yourself. Focusing on your strengths, we reflect on the past while keeping our eyes on the future. 

I understand that your day might be busy and your hours might be dictated by things you “should” be doing, but I encourage you to prioritize your self-care and happiness by utilizing a space where you get to tell your story. 

Please call or email to schedule an appointment.


Honoring the evolution of self through  telehealth services in New Jersey, Illinois and Oregon

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Liberation and Empowerment
Psychotherapy Advice
Trauma Therapy
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